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What is the cost of camp? Do you take insurance?

The cost for camp is $400 per child. At this time, we only accept cash payment.

What is so unique about this camp?

Limitless Kids OT is a specialized camp run by two pediatric occupational therapists.  The purpose of camp is to help children develop new skills.  Children will grow in social skills, emotional regulation, sensory processing and creative play.  Camp is  designed to be a safe space of learning for children that have difficulty with these skills. 

What children may benefit from your unique camp?

Any child that has challenges interacting in a group setting with peers could potentially benefit from our camp. We work with children with challenges with sensory processing and emotional regulation. Many children are having a difficult time interacting with each other as we ease into more "normal" activities in recent months. We work with children aged 4-13 years. Contact us if you have questions about your specific child.

Does my child have to have a diagnosis to attend camp?

No, they do not.  

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