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Where Kids Grow More
Calm, Confident & Connected

Self-regulation skills with compassion for

kids, families & teachers. 

Why Outside?


Being in nature has endless benefits for our bodies, our minds and our overall well being. Nature is both alerting and calming, making it an amazing environment for challenge and growth.  The time we spend together in nature carries benefits to mood, attention and emotional regulation that stay with your child even after they leave the session. 


Through individualized and fun treatment activities, children will improve motor skills, self regulation, sensory processing, as well as increasing creativity and imagination.  By working together in nature, we can develop stronger, braver and more regulated children.  

Children will improve...

Developing and Nurturing Friendships

Resolving Conflicts

Regulating  Emotions and Sensory System

Motor Skills and Strength

Focusing on Tasks

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Liz Downing, MOT, OTR/L

Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Owner of In The Woods OT

Hi! Here's a little about me... I've been a pediatric OT working with kids for 16 years.  I've worked in hospitals, schools, early intervention, and private practice.  I'm a wife, mom of 3, and an introvert by nature. 

In 2019 our family began camping, and we were shocked by how much we loved it!  We bought a camper and in 2022 spent 9 months traveling the country! We noticed that our kids were more regulated when they had time for free, unstructured outdoor play.  Whether it was the woods, the creek, or the beach I witnessed magical play time and again.

 Sometimes, though, kids need a little more support than just going outside to play. This led me to learn about nature-based OT.  In outdoor OT, my goal is to achieve measurable growth and change for kids and families.  


I believe that all kids have unique challenges and gifts, and I want to facilitate growth in each child.  I'm here to support the family unit as well as the individual child.

I'd LOVE to hear from you. How can I help? Seriously, let's chat.  

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